The capital city of Coston, established in a tall island in the center of a deep crater. This serves as an effective moat, so deep that none could hope to pass it without mechanical assistance. It is the home of both the royal family and the Ministry of Magiscience. It is divided into three tiers, each one higher than the one before it.

Main Features

The Docks

The docks make up the southernmost of the three tiers. They are one of the most noteworthy locations in the city.

  • Trade Docks
    The trade docks are the massive gantries which stretch into the air above the southeaster side of the moat. They are there for the loading and unloading of the mighty airships which are the sole manner of transportation to the city.
  • Military Docks
    The governmental counterpart to the trade docks, this is where government officials, soldiers, and scientists are brought, as well as any military equipment that might be needed to outfit the city of Cressan.

Lower City

The middle tier of the city, it is the largest. This is the location of the city proper, and includes a large residential sector, in which the craftsmen, traders, and lower government officials live. Also here is a merchant district, where manny of the goods off loaded from the airships are sold and bartered. This is also where one would report should they be in the market for a new job. The two southernmost sectors, adjoining the docks, are filled with warehouses and the like, for storing everything that comes off of these docks. These trade districts also contain temporary housing for airmen and the many necessities for these menm including some of the best taverns in the land.

The Moat

None have yet seen the bottom of this deep crevasse, and, with the waters of the River Tyron flowing directly into the northeastern bank, the moat has not yet filled up. It has been theorized that the moat is not of entirely natural origin, and is bottomless. Another theory is that it empties into a massive underground sea, home to a race of underwater men, who would one day rise back up to overthrow those on the surface.

While there is no evidence of this, there is a cult of fanatics who worship these sub terrestrials and eagerly await their return so that they might serve them.


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